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There is over 15+ hours of video instruction, 50+ templates, scripts, and downloadables, plus dozens of hands-on activities and quizzes to ensure you're retaining the content. 

Created for Virtual Assistants, by a Virtual Assistant.

I'm your instructor Erin, and I help VAs like you create profitable and sustainable businesses.  

The course content is practical, easy to understand and implement, and has been personally tested. I've taught more than 35,000 people from all over the globe since 2018. As your instructor, I get to share all of my best tips and tools with you to help you niche down, find your dream clients and make a steady income beyond your wildest dreams.

When I started as a VA in 2012, I was right where you are. I had a strong background in administration and productivity thanks to my work in film and live entertainment, but I was unprepared for running my own business. 

This course aims to help you get set up faster, find better clients, and skip the generally not-so-fun parts of scaling a new business. 

Here's how the course is broken down. 

First up is your blueprint to launch. We'll cover essentials like setting your rates, creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), insurance, websites, and much more. This is the foundation of your business. You'll make decisions about how to run your business, set working hours, name your business, and how you prefer to get paid.

Next, you'll learn how to land your first client(s). Now that the groundwork has been laid out, we can talk about how (and where) to find your first client. You will explore who your ideal client is, discover their challenges, find where they "hang out" online, and learn to pitch your dream clients through a variety of tried and true methods.

Once you've mastered how to pitch clients, it's time for your interview (commonly referred to as an "exploratory call." You'll explore some of the questions you should be asking potential clients, as well as the most common questions clients ask VAs. Of course, we'll talk about the best answers to those questions too. 

Then, we'll cover the must-have skills every VA needs to know. Clients are eager to hire virtual assistants who bring a wide variety of strong skills to the table. You'll not only learn how to handle the 10 most common VA tasks, but you'll receive nearly two-dozen templates, scripts, pre-made spreadsheets, downloadable worksheets, and a delegation eBook. Phew!

Once you've masted skills like inbox management, expense reporting, lead generation, and travel management, we'll move onto the must-have tools. We'll go over 30+ tools to help you manage every aspect of your business: From financials to contracts, we'll cover everything you need to help your productivity skyrocket. 

Next, we'll discuss the interview, contracts, and onboarding clients. Learn what a VA interview actually looks like, as well as how to lead the interview with confidence. You'll also learn how to send legally binding contracts, and how to onboard a client quickly - without making more work for your client. 

Moving on, you'll learn how to grow your VA business sustainably. You’ll learn crucial skills to ensure long-term success, like the right way to prioritize your highest-earning tasks or clients, how to build your own VA network, and even how to fire a client without burning a bridge. 

Finally, I'm including a bonus course that will help you double your income. The secret to making incredible income as a VA is "specialization." The riches are in the niches, and in this module, we'll identify a high-paying and in-demand skill that you can offer right away to bring in more income.

I hope you're just as excited as I am to get started. Soon, you'll be pitching (and landing clients) that are an ideal fit for the life that you want. 

What are you waiting for? Let's get started ASAP.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the VA Academy

    • How to Make the Most of This Course

  • 2

    Blueprint to Launch 🚀

    • Download your comprehensive launch guide!

    • ✨ Section 1: Types of Virtual Assistants

    • The Types of VAs: Which Are You?

    • Why Do We Use the Term Virtual Assistant? Is There an Alternative?

    • ✨ Section 2: Get Set Up With the Right Tools

    • Top 10 Tools to Get You Started Today!

    • 🖋 Assignment: Set Your Tools Up.

    • ✨ Section 3: Creating SOPs

    • Creating SOPs for Your Business

    • Planning for Emergencies

    • ✨ Creating a Website

    • Do You Need a Website?

    • ✨ Setting Rates

    • Set Your Rate in 4 Steps

    • Hourly Versus Flat Rates

    • Determine a Flat Rate with a Formula

    • ✨ Getting Paid Online

    • Methods to Receive Payment

    • Tips to Get Paid On Time

    • ✨ Insurance for VAs

    • Do You Need Insurance?

    • ✨ Finances for VAs

    • Basic Accounting and Bookkeeping (US)

    • How to Reduce Expenses

    • How to Find a Great Accountant

    • All About Tax Entities (US)

    • ✨ Naming Your Business

    • What's Your Business Name?

    • Is Your Business Name Taken (US-only)

    • ✨ Common Mistakes as a New VA to Avoid

    • Avoiding Common Pitfalls as a VA

    • [Bonus] Freelance versus VA-Matching Firms

    • Turn A Limited Project Into Recurring Work

    • ✅ Wrapping Up

  • 3

    Finding Your First Clients 💸

    • Read This Before You Sign That Client

    • ✨ Defining Your Ideal Client

    • Crafting Your Ideal Client Avatar

    • Example of Real World Client Avatars

    • Find Where Your Clients Hang Out

    • Exploring Client Challenges

    • Find Your Why

    • "Why" Inspiration From the Experts

    • ✨ Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

    • Define and Refine Your Pitch

    • How to Practice the Pitch

    • ✨ Methods for Finding New Clients

    • Pitching Friends and Family

    • Pitching to Social Media Groups

    • Subcontracting With Other VAs

    • The Secret to Winning Clients

    • Utilizing Testimonials

    • Networking and Virtual Events

    • Referrals

    • Exercise: Find Your Authentic Voice

    • 💻 Supplemental Learning: LinkedIn Headlines

    • Crafting a LinkedIn Headline That Attracts Clients

  • 4

    Common Interview Questions (and Answers) 🎙

    • Preparing For Your Interview

    • ✨ Start with the "Bridge Pitch"

    • Q1: Your Core Services

    • Q2: Hours of Operation

    • Q3: Handling Difficult Tasks

    • Q4: Preferred Method of Communication

    • Q5: Creating a Priority System

    • Q6: When a Client Doesn't Delegate Well

    • Q7: Handling Conflicts

    • Q8: Negotiating Rates

    • Q9: Should You Contradict Your Clients?

    • Q10: Closing the Deal

    • [Download] Welcome Email to Send Clients

    • ✅ Wrapping Up

  • 5

    Must-Have Skills 💪

    • Hands-On Skills Training

    • ✨ Keeping Data Safe

    • Data Security

    • 🖋 Security Quiz

    • ✨ Core Skill: Calendar Management

    • How to Request Calendar Access

    • Find a Time, Create an Event, and Send an Invitation (+ Template)

    • Emailing Others to Find a Time

    • When to Use Bcc

    • Calendar Tools, Color Coding, and Blocks

    • 🖋 Calendar Quiz

    • ✨ Core Skill: Inbox Management

    • 4 Steps to Create a Clear System

    • How to Create Filters in Gmail

    • How to Bulk Delete Emails in Gmail

    • Understanding Inbox Zero

    • 🖋 Inbox Management Quiz

    • ✨ Core Skill: Expense Reporting

    • Expense Reporting

    • 🖋 Expense Report Quiz

    • ✨ Core Skill: Social Media Maintenance

    • Social Media Maintenance Introduction

    • Tracking with Google Sheets

    • Tracking with Airtable

    • Creating Graphics Online (+ Best Tools)

    • Scheduling Posts

    • New Social Media Scheduler: Later

    • 2022 Twitter Content Planner

    • How to Measure Metrics

    • 🖋 Social Media Quiz

    • ✨ Core Skill: Research

    • How to Create Comparative Research (+ Template)

    • How to Create Informational Research (+ Template)

    • How to Create Data Research (+ Template)

    • 🖋 Research Quiz

    • ✨ Core Skill: Lead Generation

    • 4 Ways to Find ANY Email - Fast and Free

    • How to Generate Leads for Clients (+ Checklist & Spreadsheet)

    • Saving Leads to CRMs

    • 🖋 Lead Generation Quiz

    • ✨ Core Skill: Travel Management

    • Travel Introduction (+ Checklist & Templates)

    • Booking Flights (+ Best Tools)

    • Booking Rental Cars (+ Best Tools)

    • What If You Can't Find a Rental Car?

    • Booking Hotels, Vacation Rentals + Best Tools

    • Emailing Itineraries, Templates, and Scripts

    • Inputting Travel Details Into Calendars

    • Tips to Make Travel Less Stressful

    • 🖋 Travel Quiz

    • ✨ Core Skill: Online Purchases

    • Making Online Purchases

    • ✨ Core Skill: Event Planning

    • Event Planning

    • ✨ Core Skill: Handling Unfamiliar Tasks

    • Places to Learn Online

    • ✨ Core Skill: Back Office Skills

    • End-of-Week Reports (+ Script)

    • 🖋 Back-Office Skills Quiz

    • ✅ Wrapping Up

  • 6

    Must-Have Tools 🛠

    • Why the Right Tools Matter

    • Who Pays For These Tools?

    • ✨ Protect Yourself With A Contract (for Free)

    • Contract Creator

    • ✨ Security

    • LastPass

    • NordVPN

    • ✨ Time Tracking

    • Harvest

    • ✨ Finances

    • Wave

    • PayPal (+ Services Update)

    • Keeper Tax for Easy Deductions (US only)

    • ✨ Email Management

    • Edison Mail

    • Email-Signature

    • ✨ Calendars

    • Doodle

    • World Time Buddy

    • ✨ Voice / Communication

    • Google Voice

    • Zoom

    • Hidden Zoom Features

    • Globafy

    • ✨ Social Media

    • Canva Scheduler

    • Crello

    • Mailchimp

    • Mailchimp Alternative: MailerLite

    • ✨ CRM & Project Management

    • Airtable as a CRM

    • Notion

    • Ora

    • Ora Walkthrough

    • ✨ Self Care

    • Take A Break Eyecare

    • YouTube Meditations

    • ✅ Wrapping Up

  • 7

    How to Grow Your Business Sustainably 📈

    • Keep Your Business IN Business

    • ✨ How to Prioritize Revenue-Generating Tasks

    • Introduction to the 80:20 Rule

    • 80:20 Rule Worksheet

    • How the 80:20 Rule Changed My VA Business

    • Multitasking Sucks for Your Business and Brain

    • Screen Share: How to Batch Schedule Tasks

    • ✨ Building Your Own VA Network

    • Why We Build VA Networks

    • How to Build a VA Network

    • How to Share Client Info Securely

    • Bonus Networking Tips

    • When to Say "Yes" and When to Say "No" to a Client

    • How to Fire A Client

    • 3 Steps to Fire a Client

    • ✅ Wrapping Up

  • 8

    Double Your Income with a Niche 💰

    • ✨ Doubling Your Income

    • Exercise: Brainstorm Session

    • How to Research In-Demand Skills and Industries

    • Compare the Skills List with Your Research

    • Master Your New Skill Online with Online Learning Tools

    • How to Price Your New Service

    • How a Flat (Monthly) Rate Can DOUBLE Your Rate

    • Introducing Your Specialty Skill to CURRENT Clients (+ Script)

    • Introducing Your Specialty Skill to NEW Clients (+ Script)

    • ✅ Wrapping Up

  • 9

    Final Essential Paperwork 📄

    • Download the Essential Business Forms

  • 10

    Course Recap and Checklist ✔

    • Download the course checklist.

This course also comes with

a 60-minute, live-coaching session.

The VA Academy Master Class


    Set yourself up for success by building a strong foundation for your business.


    Identify and attract your dream clients by learning how to market yourself to the right group.


    Conquer contracts, invoices, raise you rates with confidence, and double your income.


    Master the most common and in-demand skills, as well as the best tools to make your productivity skyrocket.


    Grow sustainably (without burning out) by learning how to focus on the elements that bring the most value.

Meet the Instructor

Virtual Assistant Coach

Erin Booth

Hi! I'm Erin Booth, and I help experienced Virtual Assistants, like you, find their niche and grow their business. With over a decade of experience doing high-end travel, social media marketing, calendar management, qualitative research, conference curation and event production, I feel like I've done it all. Now, as your Virtual Assistant Mentor, I get to share all of my best tips and tools with you.

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